What it Means to Ditch the Filter

It amazes me how much people filter in their everyday lives. We filter our photos, our faces, ourselves, we are constantly editing to meet the standards of what other people think of us. I encourage everyone to ditch the filter. Especially when it comes to filtering what you say, and how you feel. I say this, because we as people hold back to much, and I want everyone to start to feel comfortable in their own skin. Ditching the filter covers so many aspects of life. Whether it’s how we filter our emotions, the words we say, we constantly hide behind a facade. I am encouraging us all to be our unique individual selves, and stop hiding behind whatever is deemed socially appropriate these days.

Ditching the filter brings a sense of freedom and enlightenment. It means cutting the bullshit, and stop apologizing for being who you are and expressing how you feel. It means ditching the societal boundaries that tell us what is socially acceptable. Society puts constraints on us, and tells us how to act and what to think.

We are all just cogs in a machine mindlessly following like sheep. I am not condoning people to start going around being assholes to each other, but simply stop holding your tongue when things should be said. Realize it is alright to talk about, grief, depression, sex, and eliminate the stigmas.

Just #beyourself, in all of your glory and stop caring how the world perceives you. #Ditchthefilter. #Ditchthefacade.  If you have no idea what that means, or entails, then go out there and figure it out. Figure you out. Start taking care of YOURSELF. There are so many things people do and do not do based on what other people think, and this OVERWHELMING fear of judgment. Ditch that philosophy and understand you are living life for you. Stop lying to people around you. learn to be more honest with yourself and others.  It’s called authenticity, and it is important.

My whole life I’ve been told that I have no filter. This meant that I could not control what came out of my mouth. This can be perceived as good and bad. While, yes, my words were fully capable of cutting like knives and hurting someone to their very core. It also meant that I had the balls to say what other people couldn’t possibly fathom saying.

I am even horrified of the things that come out of my mouth sometimes. I’ve prided myself on being real, and honest, I always speak the truth even when it hurts, because I am not an enabler. I genuinely wish more people around me would just say what they mean and mean what they say. My biggest pet peeve is when people try to say things to make you feel better, but everything they say is an outright lie. Girls do this all the time, they sugar coat everything. Sugar coating does not make anything better, and constantly coddling people creates monsters.

I think everyone filters different parts of themselves, and some people filter more things than others, but people need to come out of their comfort zone and start embarrassing themselves for everything they are.

 #firstblogpost #Loveyourlife #loveyourself #liveyourlife #ditchthebs

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