Hometown Appreciation: Bang Bang Niner Gang

Four girls and one proud father lost their voices screaming Sunday night, when Rookie Dre Greenlaw stopped Jacob Hollister, from what could have been a game winning touchdown for the Seattle Seahawks.

It’s been eight years, since the Niner’s could say they beat Seattle at home, and it “Feels Great, baby.” – Jimmy G

Many people have debated whether the Niner’s have skill or luck, but what really got them to the number one seed and the title of the NFC West Champions is HEART, and a lot of it.

Heart in every single one of our players from the people’s tight end George Kittle, to our ferocious Baby Bosa, to Deebo Samuels and his unbelievably slick moves, to Joe Staley being back out there and in tip top shape, to everyone who makes up our top notch Defense (GO GREENLAW!), and of course humble Jimmy G, with his almost calming pretty boy smile. Always giving credit, where credit is deserved.

Let’s not forget the man, who made two touchdown’s during the second half of Sunday Night’s game against Seattle. Raheem Mostert, a man, who got to where he is today, by believing that failure is not an option. A man, who stood right back up after every cut.

There is heart and soul in every single person on this Niner team.

Win or Lose the Niner’s do it TOGETHER.

There is no I in TEAM.

And the Faithful appreciates each and every one of you.

The season is not over yet! Stay humble. Stay mindful. And rest up buttercups!

Faithful Then and Faithful Now.

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