Hometown Appreciation: Bang Bang Niner Gang

Four girls and one proud father lost their voices screaming Sunday night, when Rookie Dre Greenlaw stopped Jacob Hollister, from what could have been a game winning touchdown for the Seattle Seahawks.

It’s been eight years, since the Niner’s could say they beat Seattle at home, and it “Feels Great, baby.” – Jimmy G

Many people have debated whether the Niner’s have skill or luck, but what really got them to the number one seed and the title of the NFC West Champions is HEART, and a lot of it.

Heart in every single one of our players from the people’s tight end George Kittle, to our ferocious Baby Bosa, to Deebo Samuels and his unbelievably slick moves, to Joe Staley being back out there and in tip top shape, to everyone who makes up our top notch Defense (GO GREENLAW!), and of course humble Jimmy G, with his almost calming pretty boy smile. Always giving credit, where credit is deserved.

Let’s not forget the man, who made two touchdown’s during the second half of Sunday Night’s game against Seattle. Raheem Mostert, a man, who got to where he is today, by believing that failure is not an option. A man, who stood right back up after every cut.

There is heart and soul in every single person on this Niner team.

Win or Lose the Niner’s do it TOGETHER.

There is no I in TEAM.

And the Faithful appreciates each and every one of you.

The season is not over yet! Stay humble. Stay mindful. And rest up buttercups!

Faithful Then and Faithful Now.

Improve Your Productivity, Re-energize Yourself, and Adventure Outside of Your 9-5

Lately I have been craving a need for adventure. It appears my partying days are coming to an end and I’ve noticed that my 9-5 has left me with a need to get out and experience more.

I never realized how big my backyard truly was until recently. Even though I grew up in the bay area, I never stopped to appreciate all that surrounds me or the countless activities the bay has to offer.

I have recently decided to make it my mission to hike somewhere new every weekend while the weather is still decent. Since making this decision, I have felt so much better with myself and my mental state.

Every adventure is something new to take in. It makes me appreciate nature and the world around me. It makes me more conscience of the need to preserve the world, so that other people may one day get to appreciate the view. It has also made me more aware of the things I have been taking advantage of in my life.

Hiking brings a sense of peace and tranquility. Granted, if you are dying while climbing up a mountain, you are probably not feeling either of those in that moment. The peace and tranquility comes when you stop and look around, and take in the smells, and the sounds of the nature that’s around you.

It has truly helped with my mediation, and it forces me to be in the present.

Hiking is hands down one of my favorite weekend activities.

In today’s day and age everyone is on their phone, surfing the internet, playing video games, and overwhelmed with stress.

People are consumed with how everyone else is living their life, when they should be out living their own. Everyone always says they need to be more active, but fail to get off the couch.

Sticking to my hikes every weekend has given me a sense of accomplishment. I get to unwind from the busy work week in a healthy and cathartic way and re-energizing myself for the week to come.

I get to avoid the feeling of being lazy and feed off the feeling of being productive.

I encourage everyone to channel into their sense of adventure, and #getoutside.

Start enjoying everything the world has to offer.

Take the dogs, take the kids, make a day of it. Who knows maybe it will inspire you in a way you never thought, or maybe it will start making you feel less like a piece of crap. I look forward to the new breath taking views throughout my week, and I can’t wait to share them and my favorite spots around the bay.