Doomsday 2020: The Corona Hold The Virus Edition

The world as we know it seems to have gone up in flames.

China is burying dogs in ditches and stealing them from their homes(WTF). Italy is on lock down. Flights are at an all time low making booking a vacation really tempting right now. Unfortunately a spontaneous trip to Europe is off the table.

I hear viruses hate humidity though, so where’s a fun, but humid place this time of year? Cancun??

Traffic is conveniently less with everyone working from home. People are now homeschooling their children. Colleges have shut down.. Daycare shut down. Restaurants are cutting hours. People are losing their jobs and their ability to pay their bills. Pizza place’s are refusing to deliver. Shelves are empty.

People have begun to panic….


To help those, who, may be panicking at this moment… making life extremely complicated and difficult for all the non Chicken Littles in this world. I encourage you all to KEEP CALM.

The worst thing anyone can do in any life or death situation is panic.

If you see a shark in the water…. Do you panic? No. You stay still, remain calm.. and stay in front of the apex predator, while you swim slowly away and call for help. Otherwise you look like a wounded seal and easy lunch. I mean come on.. Shark bait Hoo Ha Ha. 

Same goes for this virus…

You have to stay in front of it. Panic is not good for your immune system, because it causes stress, and stress reduces the body’s ability to fight antigens and infections. Thus, leaving you more susceptible to contracting a virus.

I’m not saying that COVID- 19 isn’t a concern. 

The media clearly says it is a concern at a global level. (I can’t argue with that!)

The virus is the real deal.


Everything the media says should be taken with a grain of salt. For years the media has shown people only what they want people to see or hear. They literally put opinions, thoughts and fears in peoples’ heads, and it really works!

Just think about whose agenda this virus is pushing, who it’s affecting, what it’s affecting, who has something to gain from an economy crushing pandemic right now, and who ultimately is going to get all the blame?

Just saying. 

We are still in the early stages, this could get a lot worse, a little worse, and it could get a lot better. We honestly don’t know enough, and it is unhealthy to stress about things that are so far out of our control.

On a lighter note… Let’s talk about more concerning matters.. 

Like the fact that I am legit out of toilet paper and am highly considering buying a bidet off of amazon, because somehow a possible 2 week to 30 day quarantine means people are going to have explosive diarrhea for 30 days, and now need 200 rolls of toilet paper. Leaving me with next to none. #notevenremotelyprepared

Who needs that much toilet paper??

NO ONE! You Chicken Littles are making it impossible for the elderly to even get toilet paper at this point, because you ripped it off the shelves like greedy ass holes.

A wise note to the big toilet paper companies… Don’t spend it all in one place, because most of the population won’t be buying toilet paper till 2021.

I find the media to be quite funny.. spreading common knowledge like it’s new information to the public.

Like avoid using public bathrooms (I’ve been doing that my whole life?) 

Wash your hands. (well yeah… duh?)

Avoid human contact. (Finally it is socially acceptable- now I won’t come off as rude) 

In all seriousness.

I hope everyone is out there staying healthy and avoiding the plague. Check on the elderly, they seem to be really affected.

Pray for Tom Hanks and his wife.

Keep Betty White safe. 

If you are concerned and want to take precautions that don’t involve potentially running out of a year supply of toilet paper… Here are some tips to stay healthy in these crazy times.  

  1. WASH YOUR HANDS ( This truly is a given) 
  2. DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE ( This is honestly so hard for me. I have allergies, which came early this year. My nose and eyes really are getting itchy. Send Help!)
  3. EAT YOUR FRUITS AND VEGGIES! (Food is a great form of defense for your body! Eating a balanced diet is key to staying healthy. Get those greens, eat those berries, load up on citrus for vitamin C!) 
  4. EXERCISE( At least a few times a week.. for at least 30 minutes. It’s good for your immune system and overall health. If you are going to the gym- throw some disinfectant in your gym bag and disinfect those machines, or whatever you are touching and be sure to wash your hands! Or just avoid the gym in general)
  5. SLEEP( sleep is good for you, so make sure you are getting at least 7 hours a night. Sleep actually helps improve your immune system-Just FYI) 
  6. NO HANDSHAKES(Easy way to spread germs- just don’t touch other people) 
  7. MEDITATE ( to reduce stress, promote immune health and avoid panic. It’s good for you. Try it!)

Just going to leave these words of wisdom here.

People are crazy.

It’s always good to be prepared.

Don’t do anything stupid.

Use your common sense.

People kill people.

Stupidity kills people.

Panicked people do dumb irrational things.

Be rational.

Don’t panic.