Yes. The Gym Should be Considered an Essential Business!

When lockdowns hit earlier this year the gyms were one of the first businesses to go, and as we started to reopen, the gyms were one of the last businesses to return.

While, some of us invested our money in home workout equipment and others of us sought out online workout classes, a good amount of us need and craved the ability to get our workouts in at the actual gym. There is something about your level of productivity and clarity, when you aren’t distracted by the kids and pets at home.

With the winter months upon us, and restrictions causing fitness centers to once again close their doors or turn to outside workouts only, we face the realization that the weather is going to be a factor that is well out of our control.

It’s hard enough being happy and healthy during the winter months, as it is, and the gym is needed to help maintain mental and physical well-being for those of us who would like the option.

The thing with the gym, is that if you don’t feel as though its a safe space, you don’t have to go, but for the people who use it to reduce stress, and need it stay healthy and active, it should be our choice to make. There are so many precautions the gyms were already taking, for example, people are required to wipe down their own equipment, the staff goes through and sanitizes the equipment every few hours, there is sanitizer in every corner, you are required to wear a mask, social distancing is encouraged. I feel safer at the gym than I do at the grocery store to be honest, which says a lot.

Mental and physical health is so important especially during a pandemic.

People who are moderately obese have a 30% chance of dying from COVID and according to one study obesity increases the risk of death by Covid by 48%. Obesity alone kills about 300k people every year in the U.S. Going to the gym and maintaining a healthy and somewhat active lifestyle can help reduce your risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, as well as, help people who struggle with depression and anxiety.

Given that so many people have developed Covid depression, are struggling with the Covid weight gain, and are finding themselves unmotivated being locked in the house.. Its hard to believe that fitness centers are not considered an essential business at this point. People need to start talking about the other preventative measures that surround this disease. Like how we have kept fast food places open, but close indoor dining at restaurants, with healthier options for those nights we don’t feel like cooking at home. No one really talks about the healthy diets and foods we should be eating to boost our immune systems and stay healthy, or that we should get up and walk for at least half an hour a day. When you turn on the news it’s a lot of scary numbers, with no real solutions! Simply stay inside and wear a mask. What about some life tools that could truly help us during this time. Because to be honest the majority of us.. are depressed, lonely, going stir crazy, are terrified do to shitty reporting, and fear mongering political agendas, meanwhile other people are exercising their right to protest and potentially spread the disease, keeping us locked up. This is ass backwards.

The people need to be able to make the choices for themselves at this point. They know the risk, they know the safety precautions, and they know the symptoms to look out for. So let them make the choice that they see fit, and stop depriving the majority of us, who aren’t in those risk categories, to get out and live a healthy live.

January. February. Covid. December.

Well.. well.. well… and here we thought we were going to be quarantined for 2 weeks.

I honestly thought I’d have a productive year. I thought I’d finish my book, get in the best shape of my life, go on a cross country road trip, finally make it abroad, but no… Instead… I was trapped in my one bed, one bath, humble abode… going almost BAT SHIT CRAZY.

I mean where have the past six months even gone?

Am I right?

Here in California… If Covid doesn’t kill you, the wildfires might, and if you are really lucky PG&E might even shut off your power, during one of our lovely rolling blackouts.

The only workout classes available cost an arm, a leg, and a minor heat stroke. I swear this heat wave came straight from the devil’s anus.

And to think that this all started with a toilet paper shortage, but now here we are, almost a month away from one of the biggest presidential elections in history.

2020 is one of a kind.

It ‘s just one giant shit show after the next. 🙂

No live audiences. No funerals. No gatherings. Beaches closed. Parks closed. Temperature checks. No indoor dining, No gym.. and a 100 dollar no mask fine.

Living the good life. I mean it beats the alternative, so no harm no foul.


I truly am sad for America though… I’m sad because we are so divided, when this pandemic should have brought us closer together.

The politics have driven families, friends, neighbors, and good people apart. God help us all this holiday season.

Luckily my family has pushed politics aside this year, and agreed to not gather in person.

and I hear that…

United Airlines now has rapid testing for flights to Hawaii, so you don’t have to quarantine for two weeks when you arrive, therefore, I will get in one luxury vacation this year!

Sorry fam, but I’ll be spending Christmas on the wonderful beaches of Maui. Hallelujah!

In all seriousness.

I know the world is an interesting and crazy place these days, so I hope everyone is out there staying safe, and making the most of the current situation.

Wash your hands, be kind, and spread love not hate.

Xoxo, Bri