Lies I Tell My Boss: How I Convinced My Boss To Let Me Bring My Dog to Work.

Before I became a Legal Assistant I was still serving tables post college. After I graduated I applied to hundreds if not thousands of jobs daily. Every month that passed I hated waiting tables more and more. Every job I didn’t get… started to make me feel as though I’d never stop waiting tables. I kept picturing myself in the movie Waiting , wondering if I was going to be the angry shot lady screaming while walking up from the kitchen.

When I interviewed for the position I have right now, my boss told me off the bat- “your resume is not one I typically would consider“. I was taken by surprise, but moved on to have one of the best 45 minute interviews and conversations of my life.

As someone who was entertaining the idea of law school and him being a lawyer, he completely understood the position I was in. He understood everything I was trying to consider going forward. I was not sure if I wanted to commit three more years of my life to college, if I was doing it for the right reasons, if it was ultimately the right move and he respected that.

During my interview he asked me what the most common lie I tell is and after telling him, that I have an extremely hard time lying in general and that I suck at it… the one thing I lie about often usually involves my dog..

For example if I am late to work it is because I could not wake the precious sleeping fur child I have come to love and adore. Same goes for when people ask if I want to go out.. I usually lie and say I can’t, but truthfully I’d rather be at home with my dog.

It is not an exact science and in my particular line of work, I do, however have to occasionally lie here and there. I didn’t want him to think I was a square, so I told him I lie for my current boss all the time, and that white lies for others is acceptable. I honestly do not know why I said that. Oh well…

A few weeks into my job I began plotting. I finally asked him, if I could bring my child(dog) to work with me on Halloween. I claimed that he was part of my costume, and that I was going to bring him to my dad’s block party after work. Joke is on my boss, I don’t dress up for Halloween. My boss knew right then and there I was plotting. He said, “you really are always plotting aren’t you? Don’t act like this isn’t a ploy to bring your dog to work from now on”. Am I that obvious?

However, I knew if he met my sweet baby angel he would be fine with me bringing him to work every day.

Ready to Impress.

My dog is now the office mascot. Everyone loves him. Clients call, and ask how Q(my dog) is doing? . He even has his own stocking. I checked it this morning though and apparently someone put coal in it.. what a Grinch.

I partied pretty hard over my Thanksgiving break, because… family is difficult and I was not feeling great when I came to work Monday. So, I told my boss I had a stomach bug. This was not a total lie. I was honestly not doing so great. I really wanted to just go home. Joke was on me this time though, because I ended up getting extremely sick the next day and I was sick for two weeks straight.

Bottom line is… I have no shame apparently. I just flat out stopped lying to my boss all together. Once we got comfortable in the work place I caught him watching Deadpool on his lunch break.. he was still working he literally never stops, but now I make all of his dinner reservations under Wade Wilson. He caught me editing my book at my desk and his nosy self asks, who is the golden child? That is now my nickname. Once we cut the BS we got to enjoy the work dynamic that I feel lucky to have. I can’t say that would work anywhere else. I definitely got lucky, to get the opportunity to bring my fur baby to work, work on my own projects, figure out my future, and have a supportive boss in the process.

Me, Myself and the Dog: A Holiday Guide To Gift Giving

Winter is upon us, and so are the holidays, which means staying in with the space heater I call my dog. My partner in crime, fartbox, butt cuddling, bundle of joy. If his toots don’t kill me the ever present loneliness coming into this holiday season might.

My fur child and I spent a lot of time coming up with the perfect gifts for all the members of the family this year. As he laid snuggled up beside me binge watching life of pets.. I frivolously surfed the internet for the perfect bunch of presents. After finding absolutely nothing, and realizing this is such a waste of money, because who needs gifts anyways? I looked at my dog and as he gazed back at me, with that intense blank look in his eyes, I realized we are going to give the gift of giving.

Everyone is going to get the gift of giving to a charity! How philanthropic of us.

I hit google to find some gifts that give, and I stumbled across Good House Keeping’s article on the 26 Best Gifts That Give Back, and they made my life easy peasy. I found gifts for just about everyone.

For example my Step Mom is getting a succulent trio, that uses its profits to provide clean water to people around the world.

My sister is getting the Kiehl’s Collection for a Cause Skin Care Set, which donates its profits to help feed people this holiday season.

My mother is getting the grounds for hounds coffee trio set, which donates money to animal rescues.

My grandma is getting the “When Life Gives you Lemons” bangle bracelet from Alex and Ani, because she is a jewelry queen. They donate money to cancer research, which my grandma would fully support. Considering we lost one of our own to cancer.

And of course the the charity pot body lotion, as my white elephant gift this year, which donates its money to multiple causes such as human and animal rights.

The charity stuff works well for the girls, the men in my family all get 49er inspired gifts, you can’t mess with tradition! What can I say.