A Big Change and an Unexpected Journey

Do you ever dream of doing something, but you either don’t have the funds to make it happen, feel comfortable where you are, or have a fear of what if it doesn’t work out? So, you put it off and next thing you know a year goes by, and then you are sitting there on the couch kicking yourself in the butt, because nothing has changed and something in your life needs to change.

Well if that’s not you… Keep reading anyways, because this sh*t is important.

Ok. So…

After sitting on my butt, not writing, not living my best life, becoming the literal worst and unrecognizable version of myself I have ever come across…. UNFORTUNATELY…

Gaining weight… eating like crap…. being depressed… hanging around all the wrong people…watching all the days mesh together and losing all concept of time. I finally made the decision…

TO GET OFF MY ASS…. And start moving.

I didn’t just move either….

I packed my car, threw my apartment in storage, left my friends and my family behind, and drove 24 hours from California to Austin, Texas. Where I committed to a fully furnished short term lease, in hopes to start an entirely new chapter in my life.

Now if that isn’t a huge change I don’t know what is. Quitting your job to pursue your dream maybe?

To be fair… I did not have a job lined up. I was going in blind, and relying on what I did have saved up to get me through the next few months.

So Yeah… Super terrifying!

I’m not going to lie… The drive was actually brutal… My dog and I got hit by a drunk driver in Arizona at 7 in the morning on our final day of driving… and the woman literally drove off. My whole life was packed in my car.. and my trunk was pretty much fully caved in. A huge set back. The cops found the woman in New Mexico later that day and arrested her with a DUI. Unfortunately, she was not insured and I didn’t have uninsured motorist covereage.

So! I got to Austin… was left without a car and out one thousand dollars, because I had to pay my deductible to get my car fixed….. And the car place botched the job.

If that wasn’t the cherry on top of the cake on this new chapter of my life… it gets worse…

Barely a week into living in Austin we had the infamous snowpocoplypse. I was trapped in my apartment without power for 4 days and then lost my water for three days after that.

I had to boil snow to flush my toilet.

Do you know how much boiled snow it takes to flush a toilet…??? A lot.. especially when you don’t have a bathtub to store your snow.

I did not shower for 5 days and on top of that I didn’t bring my snow shoes to Texas. So, when I had to trek down the road to find food, since I didn’t have a car and no Ubers were working in fear of driving on the icy roads….

Let me tell you guys…

I ate sh*t mmm.. close to like 20 times. It was ICY AF. My back still cries. I didn’t need snow shoes… I needed ice skates.

At this point, I started to think that maybe the Universe was telling me, that this was not a well thought out plan, and that everything that could go wrong did go wrong and that this isn’t where I am supposed to be. If it was I feel like things would have fallen in place much more easily.

But… there is a silver lining.

While, I embraced the change and my current situation, I found myself forced to deal with everything that I was running away from in California.

This was something that was very hard for me to do and something that I had been avoiding for a very long time. I kept getting into the same cycle with the same people and just overall feeling stuck, unmotivated, depressed and anxious.

So. Yes. The move was scary…and yes I almost starved and froze to death, because I had no food or water or power…and a drunk chick may have attempted to drive through my car leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere near the border…but….I did finally begin to deal with years of built up issues. I finally stopped brushing things under the rug. I finally had time away from certain people, to the point where I could come to terms with all the ugly in my life, because I was looking from the outside! Far away in good Old Texas.

It truly gave me the opportunity to work on myself. I finally had a gym. I got back to eating healthy. I figured out who my real friends were, and I was quickly reminded of who the truly toxic people were in my life.

And on top of all of that… I realized that I am a survivor, a winner and that I am truly resilient to what this world may throw my way. Which is good, because after a pandemic and the 2020 shitshow , it’s something that I and everyone else needs to be reminded of. We survived a 2020, some of us just barely, but we did it!

Change isn’t to fear. Life is what you make it and perspective is everything.

Eventually we all have to face our demons, and if that means being alone with your thoughts, or a change of scenery, or a few awesome life coach podcasts, then so be it!

Change is good, because through change we evolve.

So here is your sign to take a chance and embrace change if you are scared. You too are resilient. Everything works itself out in time and you have to put in the work. Putting off problems and refusing to face the hard, is only going to prolong the struggle. Whether the hard is in your relationship, within yourself, at work, in your career, your going to have to face it at some point.

So…You may as well start now!